A Retail Profile: 5 Wits

You walk into an ancient tomb lit only by your flashlight. Ominous hieroglyphs fill the walls, and as you move further inside, booby traps spring to life and the adventure begins to unfold.  This isn’t the latest Indiana Jones movie, although the production quality makes you feel a lot like you’re on a movie set, and it’s NOT an escape room. It’s 5 Wits: an interactive, cooperative game that immerses players into a completely different world, and challenges them with puzzles, physical feats, and hands-on tasks. 

Image from 5Wits.com

Currently boasting 7 locations on the East Coast, 5 Wits is unlike any board game, LARP, or escape room you’ve ever participated in. Participants schedule a ticket, then work together to complete one of 5 different adventures, making social distancing and sanitization easy and comfortable. This method kept foot traffic steady, even amid the pandemic.

The experience unfolds like a choose-your-own-adventure novel, with the story adapting to the team’s skill level, and the outcome customized to the group’s performance.

New 5 Wits locations should be in high traffic malls, strip centers, or stand-alone buildings, with locations ranging anywhere from 11,000 square feet to 13,500. High ceilings, with a minimum of 14 feet clearance, are a necessity due to the production design of each adventure. 

The company sees entertainment and experience-based businesses as crucial to the future success and health of malls and other brick-and-mortar retail, who want to attract those who may normally default to e-commerce and food delivery, as opposed to a night of shopping and dinner out. 

“Brick and mortar isn’t going anywhere, but malls and other shopping centers are going to have to work hard to stand out,” said 5 Wits COO Frank Cerio. “Retail has to go beyond shopping. People are looking for unique experiences and excitement they just can’t get at home.”

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June 4, 2021
Barton Strawn

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