Retailers Expanding to North and South Dakota

Despite being two of the least populated states in the nation, retailers are flocking to North Dakota and South Dakota for expansion. This year has been marred by the pandemic, but when retailers find a geographic area of need and a good fit for the state, they tend to move fast.

Atomic Wings

Famed for antibiotic and hormone free, all-natural wings with a cornucopia of house sauces, many of which are gluten free, Atomic Wings brings to the table great tasting wings with sustainability and freshness at its center. 

New York City based Atomic Wings currently only resides in NY, CT, and MD, but research conducted by Retailsphere indicates that Atomic Wings is seeking to expand to a number of states, including North and South Dakota. Preferred demographics for Atomic Wings lines out a population of 50,000 and income of $50,000 within 3 miles. 


Ring out celebration, Target continues to expand to all states! Trendy finds in every department for affordable fashionistas, yes please! Target is a super store, in the best way. 

Presently, there are 4 locations in North Dakota and 5 locations in South Dakota. Target location demographics typically necessitate a population of about 75,000. Current locations tend to meet that, but there is potential to consider a second Target location in a large city, such as Fargo, ND. 

Dollar Tree

Every place needs a Dollar Tree. True to its name, everything in the store is $1. Plentiful products from cleaning, home decor, beauty products, and seasonal section galore, Dollar Tree is the epitome of discount shoppers place for essential needs. If covid has taught us anything, it's the emphasis on essential retail. Dollar Tree is expanding in all states and only requires a meager population of 20,000. 

Sleep Number

More time at home equates to more time invested in the home. Trenched in the muck of this crazy year, at least one can invest in an unparalleled mattress for optimized sleeping hours. North Dakota claims 3 existing Sleep Number stores while South Dakota holds 2 locations. According to the research mined by Retailsphere, Sleep Number is expanding to all states. Could North or South Dakota handle another location? The preferred demographics report list the desired 5 mile population to be 150,000. Based on current Sleep Number locations in Bismark, Grand Forks, and Rapid City, all with populations that all sit well below the preferred population, it’s safe to suggest that the population doesn’t need to be quite as high as is preferred. North and South Dakota will grow as the big city populations shift to smaller cities in the COVID chaos. As a result, Sleep Number could easily open second locations in Fargo and Sioux Falls. Perhaps, even the cities of Aberdeen and Minot could see their first Sleep Number store in time. 

Dakotians in the north and south, good brands are coming your way. 

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November 11, 2020
Barton Strawn

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