Pairing Pizza with the Perfect Retail Tenant

Pizza retailers are aplenty. The pandemic has proved that pizza was prepped and ready for carry out and delivery when other places were not. Is there a way to make a shopping center or restaurant sector thrive alongside pizza? What goes well with pizza? A Google or Pinterest search will amount to various recipes to pair with pizza. But physically, in retail, what businesses pair well or could be co-located with pizza? 

Similar to the preparation of pizza toppings, just about anything will work together if done right. If a pizza place is only serving pizza, the obvious choice would be a salad, soup, or pasta restaurant. Pair a salad bar, conscious of food sourcing next to your pizza joint mindful of community outreach.

A pizza place serving prime gluten free crust could be co-located with pasta place also serving gluten free options. Various cafes serve only soup and salad. The natural combinations of pizza, pasta, salad, and soup are endless. Glean inspiration for appetizing soups and salads below: 


Salad and Go


Beer and pizza is about as common as food/alcohol pairings go, making a bar a great co location for a pizza place. For non-alcoholics or for a more family friendly vibe, root beer and pizza is just as classic. Consider discovering and placing near your pizza place one of the multitude of soda shops popping up around the country.

Built on the simple idea that sometimes we just need to go out for a drink…but as a whole family! Soda mixologists create hundreds of combinations of sodas and flavorings proven to please a crowd. Here are a few places with oodles of locations: 




If that sweet tooth is not satisfied, dessert is always welcome after a pizza feast. There are multitudes of categories of dessert, and businesses have taken up every single concept imaginable. Keep it simple, and find a well-loved bakery. Cannolis and brownies and pastries all would be great to pick up after an awesome pizza meal or even grab a bag to go with the pizza take out. 

A pie shop also would be a perfectly fitting co location. Grab a savory slice of pizza and a sweet slice of pie for dessert. Gourmet cookie shops are making their way around, and they are divine. A box of pizza stacked with a box of cookies. Cupcakes have claimed their fame, keeping cupcake only shops busy. Make it interesting and find a vegan cupcake shop to pair with the pizza shop offering vegan options. 

An ice cream treat would also satisfy the sugar craving post dinner. There are the classic, hand scooped ice cream shops, self serve frozen yogurt by the ounce, and unique ice cream concepts. Take a look at a few unique dessert options: 

Sweet Rolled Tacos

Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Crumbl Cookies

Always a savvy co-location to pizza joints are grocery stores. Essential items, and the stores that sell them, boomed amidst the very worst of the pandemic. We all now recognize grocery stores' importance and necessity. It makes sense to pair pizza with grocery. While picking up groceries, why not pick up a pizza? Grocery shopping is exhausting, especially in our new normal. 

Lastly, if customers are going to go out for pizza, they are out for a reason. They want a good time. Pizza is a good time, but maximize that fun with an experience next door. Virtual Reality games, escape rooms, family fun centers, interactive or children museums, comedy clubs... the potential for fun experiences is limitless. 

Discovering the perfect tenant to co locate with a pizza place can be a weary process, particularly in time with retail and restaurant closures on the rise. Begin your search for your next tenant with support from the professionals at Retailsphere. Find the businesses that are thriving and expanding along with all other relevant information, such as required demographics, preferred co-locations, and more. Book a 20 minute virtual meeting to start constructing your prosperous tenant mix. 

May 28, 2021
Barton Strawn

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