Pet Care Facilities Leave Tails Wagging

A few decades ago when your family left for vacation or you traveled for work, you may have called in a favor with a friend to watch your dog while you were away or booked a stay at a very basic kennel. And those 10-hour workdays? Perhaps you'd leave the TV on to keep your pup company. 

To say times have changed is an understatement. Upscale dog day cares, boutiques, and hotels have opened around the country. Offering luxury boarding and other amenities, this industry is booming and offers an interesting opportunity as a tenant. We've previously listed our top 5 mid-Atlantic doggie day care brands. Here we take a broader look at the growing nationwide market for pet care concepts.

A $70 Billion Industry

While canine companions have been around for thousands of years, the pet industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last twenty. Pet related spending reached over $70 billion last year, and those dollars weren't just spent on vaccinations and food. Dogs have truly become part of the family. For many owners, their care and comfort is paramount to that of a child. Dog moms and dads are willing to pay a premium price for the care, lodging, and wellness of their beloved pet. And pet ownership is huge among both millennials and Gen Z. Forbes reported that out of the over 85 million households owning pets, 62% of them belonged to the younger generations. 

Doggy Daycare

A far cry from paying a neighborhood teenager to walk your dog once a day, dog day care provides an absolute puppy paradise. Dogs in day cares, like the Dogtopia franchise, are cared for by animal lovers dedicated to playing fetch, scooping poop, and providing the occasional treat. Breeds are separated by size and temperament, and they are all protected with specially coated walls and floors. All of this provides a safe atmosphere for Rover to romp and wrestle with his friends. 

Time to wind down, nap, and rest is provided in homey, private rooms or comfortable crates, and curious owners can often log in and view their animal having fun via webcam. Dog day cares are outfitted with everything from play equipment to swimming pools. All of these features give owners the peace of mind they're doing the absolute best for their beloved pooch, and since most chains provide care at packaged rates, a doggy day care tenant guarantees returning customers to your retail spaces.

Diverse Amenities

Dog day care chains dot the country, but they're anything but your basic kennel. While they provide fun, safe care and stimulation for pets during the work day, customers rely on these businesses for much more. For example, Camp Bow Wow provides overnight boarding and dog training courses. Image from Camp Bow Wow via SBJ.

They even provide dog waste  removal services for your home. Chains like Pooch Hotel provide grooming services and spa treatments including facials and doggy manicures, complete with polish. Stores often contain boutique retail space where owners can pick up premium dog food, unique pet accessories, and apparel. Some even produce their own specialty dog treats with an in-house bakery. The possibilities are wide ranging, and each amenity provides one more reason for pet owners to visit their local store and your retail space. 

The pet industry provides ample opportunity for repeat customers with brands people trust and rely on. These facilities could be the perfect cornerstone tenant for your space, with some patrons visiting daily. Schedule a demo today and see how Retailsphere helps people find pet care facility brands like the ones noted above.

June 19, 2020
Barton Strawn

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