Why Medical May be the best Tenant — And How To Find Them

Retail is often reliant on the exciting new trends. Poke bowls are the new sushi and trampoline parks are the new arcade, proving that even when brands remain flexible and innovate—there’s always room for something new. When you tack on a global pandemic, it can feel daunting to find a solid tenant for your retail space that can weather the storm.  But certain needs remain constant. Health is one of those basic needs that will always be top of mind. Healthcare tenants serve a large and rapidly aging population.

They also enjoy a regular and reliable cash flow due to insurance payments. While healthcare tenants have traditionally chosen to group together in dedicated medical parks, an increasing number of offices are finding better business away from the pack. The new standard seems to be meeting their patients where need is highest and making the office easy for patients to access.  And while some specialties require very little space, other practices such as stand alone emergency rooms can fill 10,000 sq. ft.+ vacancies. Using Retailsphere makes finding the perfect healthcare tenant easy, no matter the square footage or market you’re working with. Here’s how:

First, log-in to Retailsphere’s retail tenant database. Under the search bar, choose “Multi Unit Groups” or “Individual Units” for best results when looking for medical tenants. “Multi Unit Groups” will provide brands that already have multiple offices, so they may be more readily open for expansion opportunities. 

In the field marked “Category” choose “Healthcare.” You can then use subcategories to refine your search by choosing just one or several options like “Urgent Care” or “Orthodontist.” Retailsphere gives you a broad range of options. You can also choose to leave these fields open. Narrow your search by city, state, or zip code if you’re looking specifically for local options. Under “Select Unit Square Foot,” choose the square footage range that matches your occupancy. Press search to see your results, or save the search for future reference.

Retailsphere will return a custom list of medical brands that meet your requirements.  Clicking on one of the healthcare providers will provide a detailed profile, where you’ll find a description of their services, a list of direct contacts, square footage requirements, and more. Comparing your needs to the profile allows you to find the perfect healthcare tenant for your space.  Think you’ve found a winner? Check the map for a list of all current locations. If the brand you’re interested in already has an office nearby, you can reference the list of competitors to find similar options. 

Still not finding exactly what you need? We recommend making your search as wide as possible. For example, when looking for tenants, specify your state rather than a specific city or zip code as many medical tenants are looking to expand out of their current city.  You can also widen the scope of search by selecting all the subcategories except for 1-2 you know you aren’t interested in. You can use this same strategy for square footage.  If you have a specific brand in mind and don’t see the necessary information, you can simply submit a research request and let our team gather the data you need.

Additionally, our team is constantly updating information on our brand profiles and creating new profiles at your request. Find out for yourself just how Retailsphere can provide you with in-depth information that makes finding the perfect tenants easy! Schedule your free demo today.

July 21, 2020
Barton Strawn

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