How to put in a Research Request with RetailSphere™

Putting in a research request with RetailSphere™ is a breeze. Here’s how.

There are two types of research requests: (1) a research request for information on the retailer or company and (2) putting a contact verification request to, as it sounds, verify a contact.

The beauty of either a research request or a contact verification request is they both go to the same place: our on-demand research team. And in both cases contacts are verified, but with a research request, the team goes far more in depth rather than confirming simply a contact’s status.

The main difference between the two requests is the type of research you will get.

As you prospect, you will find yourself seeing literally 450,000 retailer profiles. Once you find the retailer you are looking for you simply hit the “research request” button at the top right of the retailer profile page which brings up a box where you can enter a variety of need-based questions.

A typical research request might ask “Can you please find out of this retailer is expanding, and where?” Or you might ask the research team to find a specific job-related contact.

Now where a contact verification request differs is you will see a handful of contacts under the retailer profile, and you can click on the three dots and choose to “verify the contact.” Our team will now go in and verify by calling the contact and make sure they are still at their job and retailer, or if not, the contact will be updated with new info, which will be emailed directly to you and also available in your Pipeline.

Research and contact verifications can also very easily be submitted from the “Activity Feed” of the CRM. If you’ve recently reached out to a retailer or contact through a cadence, your activity feed will show that activity. You can click on the retailer or contact (a sidebar pops up) and see all of the activities that have been conducted. You have several options, one of which is submit a research request.

Submitting a research request is also as simple as figuring out the retailer you want to bring to your location. But in addition, you can specify National Brand, Franchisor or Multi-Unit Group, while including qualifiers like square footage, anchor tenants wanted.

If you have a specific brand in mind and/or don’t see the data you need, we’re happy to do some research for you! 

Click the “request research” button wherever you are in the platform and be as general or specific as you want in your requests. 

Our team is constantly updating information on our brand profiles and creating new profiles at your request. 

Reminder: You can request research from a retail profile or within your pipeline:

  • Once the research box pops up, enter the information you are looking for and click “Submit Request”

You can view the status of your requests in the CRM under the Research tab. When research is complete, you will receive an email with the new information.

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February 15, 2024
Robby Gal

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