Five Start-Up Roasters Transforming the Coffee Industry

Onyx Coffee Lab

In a mere seven years, Onyx Coffee Lab has skyrocketed in popularity from its humble beginnings in Springdale, Arkansas, and it’s not hard to understand why. Founders Jon and Andrea Allen have won countless awards for their barista skills and creative brews. They are one of the first roasters to play with lactic-acid-processed micro-lot coffees, which is a very fancy way of saying they live on the cutting edge. After catching the attention of dozens of national wholesalers, the obvious next step was for the Allens to open a new headquarters location. Slightly less obvious was their decision to do so in a massive, 110-year old building. Five other businesses call The 1907 home, but Onyx clearly dominates the space with its gorgeous coffee bar, roastery, and training lab. Whether you’re purchasing a bag of their honey-processed Tres Milagros beans, stopping in for a quick sip of espresso, or luxuriating over their coffee milkshake, you’re surely in for a treat.

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

Celebrated as one of the best brews in Cape Cod, Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters is well known for its ethically sourced and deliciously roasted coffee. Its popularity quickly outpaced its small grab-and-go café and founders Shayna Ferullo and Manue Ainzuain had to find a new location to call home. Now, they operate their roastery out of a barn-like building formerly known as The Herb Shop. The cozy little cabin makes every visit feel like a Christmas getaway. Although Snowy Owl has grown, the team maintains close partnerships with small growers that prioritize quality and environmental sustainability. Their commitment to farmers runs deep: Subscribe to their coffee club and a dollar from every shipment will be donated to Grounds for Health, a nonprofit that provides cervical cancer screenings to coffee-growing communities.


Mostra Coffee

When Beverly Magtanong and Jelynn Malone volunteered in the Philippines ten years ago, they witnessed both the country‚Äôs beauty and intense poverty. After speaking with representatives from the government, they realized that the best thing they could do to help was to provide better job opportunities to those who were struggling. Their decision to invest in the country‚Äôs coffee would lead them to found an award-winning roastery and a flourishing business that knows no bounds. Mostra Coffee not only creates high-quality micro-roasts, but also collaborates with other businesses around San Diego to brew delicious coffee beers, blend flavored cold brews, promote fitness classes, and host pop-up shops. Although their shop is only open two days a week, it is still nationally acclaimed and, of course, locally loved. Image from Mostra Coffee.

Treeline Coffee Roasters

Natalie Van Dusen founded Treeline Coffee Roasters after a Colombian farmer taught her how to roast coffee. She spent years roasting out of a food truck, until she was finally able to open a roastery and a standalone café in Bozeman, Montana. Entirely run by women, the warm and inviting shops were designed with the founder’s love of the outdoors in mind. The second location, for example, is built out of sustainably sourced timber and is framed by an open-air entrance. Van Dusen continues to visit and work with farmers all around the world in order to learn and maintain a tight-knit connection with her suppliers. For all her effort, Food & Wine named Treeline Coffee the best place for coffee in Montana.

Rise Up Coffee Roasters

Since 2005 when Tim Cureton opened his company out of a drive-thru trailer, Rise Up quickly grew into a nine-café chain that sells roasts all across the country. With its creative menu and commitment to ethics, it makes sense that Rise Up Coffee Roasters was named Maryland’s Best Coffee. Each and every bean is Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade, so you know that your cup of joe won’t just taste good, but it will feel good, too. Even if you’re not a coffee drinker, you’ll surely still find something to love from the food arm of the company: the Mad Eggs menu features a diverse range of delicious bites that’ll help you get your morning started.

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April 15, 2020
Barton Strawn

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