How can RetailSphere's included Pipeline CRM help me manage my deal flow?


RetailSphere's powerful Included Pipeline CRM is fully functional Customer Relationship Management software that allows your team to manage substantially more deal flow.

Pipeline CRM makes it easy for you to: Quickly take notes on all client interactions. Quickly setup your tasks and schedules so that you and your team members know exactly what to work on each day (and to ensure things don't slip through the cracks). Track your deal flow which allows you to have confidence in your projections. Report on all of your activity so that your clients and senior management are well informed of the important and successful efforts.

You can even include what attachments were sent and tag other team members about the activity to establish your connection to the deal or to seek internal approvals – perfect for leasing agents working in teams. 

As an added bonus, all this is exportable, so generating a Leasing Report is just a few clicks away. By helping you stay more organized, Retailsphere allows you to compress the leasing cycle and enables you to generate more leads. 


Gary Stevens

A retail real estate professional since 1986, having held leadership positions as both landlord and tenant for such companies as Samuels & Associates, Staples, Inc., Lifetime Fitness, Sears Holdings, Ahold Real Estate and RPT [NYSE].

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