Demand for RetailSphere’s™ Pipeline CRM™ 2.0 Drives Increased Functionality

October 30, 2023

Most recent product release increases automation and ease of use for note taking, task scheduling and reporting within the revolutionary Pipeline CRM™

 RetailSphere™ announced today the integration of its Pipeline CRM™ functionality into the reach feed (which shows recipient views, clicks, replies, forwards and more), deal pipeline, accounts page, calendar and more. 

“Our newest clients like Anchor Investments and DeMao Retail were looking for this exact functionality that could be the CRM of their dreams,” said Ken Brown, vice president of sales. “When they saw what RetailSphere™’s Pipeline CRM™ could do for dealmaking, account collaboration and marketing automation, it was an absolute no brainer.” 

Successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to do a few things: 

  • Easily take notes and keep records on all interactions with a prospect. 
  • Automate follow up tasks and reminders so that deals are always progressing. 
  • Quickly show you where all your deals are and what needs to happen for the next step. 
  • Provide reports and views for managers and clients to be able to track the activity of team members. 

And it needs to do the above as painlessly as possible. 

“By increasing the ease of use of the included CRM functionality into the overall platform, RetailSphere™ clients will be able to 10x their deal flow with less effort” said Tim Benzinger, the firm’s VP of product. 

“We demo the RetailSphere™ product all day long and we hear people asking for ways to streamline their day, while tracking everything pertaining to deals, meetings, contacts, accounts, and emails. Well, now it’s here 100 percent.” Said Brown. 

Reach out to see a demo of the Retailsphere Pipeline CRM™. 

About Retailsphere

Founded in 2019, RetailSphere™ is an all-in-one platform that includes the world’s largest contact database of retail commercial real estate decision makers, a robust email and leasing enablement marketing platform and a simple, intuitive and included Pipeline CRM™ tool. RetailSphere™ is modernizing the way the retail industry connects within a single pane of glass.

Increase your deal flow. Improve your network. Empower your career.

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