Northeast based Commercial Real Estate Company Crushing Prospecting with Cadences

April 29, 2024

DC area company leading RetailSphere in Cadence efficiency

RetailSphere’s cadence functionality has grown to 82% of client usage. Users can create and send multi-step bulk emails and take their prospecting to an elite level.

“We have cadence emails set up for a variety of prospects and several deal types,” said a company principal. “We can’t live without cadences and seeing when and who is opening and reading our emails.”

At RetailSphere, users can compose or use templates/team cadences, to deploy set-and-forget emails to prospects and clients, see immediately when they opened, how often they are opened, which are immediately marked a “Hot Lead” in the RetailSphere Pipeline CRM™.

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About Retailsphere

Founded in 2019, RetailSphere™ is an all-in-one platform that includes the world’s largest contact database of retail commercial real estate decision makers, a robust email and leasing enablement marketing platform and a simple, intuitive and included Pipeline CRM™ tool. RetailSphere™ is modernizing the way the retail industry connects within a single pane of glass.

Increase your deal flow. Improve your network. Empower your career.

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Robby Gal
Head of Research and Marketing Operations
(833) 843-6732
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