Retailsphere Advanced Search Revolutionizes Prospecting; Adds Export Feature

February 3, 2021

Innovative Retail Data and Software Platform Experiences Exponential growth since April. Retailsphere, the world’s largest retail tenant database and software platform has experienced exponential growth since Spring of 2020. 

Retailsphere is once again changing the way you search for new tenants. This time, we’ve updated our search features, adding multiple ways to get to retailer data faster and more advanced search options.

The first thing you’ll notice is a new mega menu layout, letting you jump straight into a variety of retailer types. This means you can quickly start browsing without needing more than a retailer category or size in mind.

That paired with our improved sidebar filtering lets you drill down efficiently into a list of target retailers that are a good fit for your specific vacant spaces. If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you’ll find this new way of exploring potential retailers a familiar experience and easy to use.

While basic search has been made much better, our new advanced search features are where the product makes truly great advancements. What are some of the major improvements?

First off, we make it possible to search for only retailers we have confirmed as expanding. And if you are drilling down even more, you can see only those expanding retailers in your state or nearby states. This means finding brands who are actively looking for space quicker than ever before.

Or maybe you want to see a larger list of retailers in your state or nearby states. Simply use our geo search filters to identify those areas you are interested in seeing data for. You can see if these retailers are operating in your state, or more specifically if they have a headquarters in your state. By understanding which retailers have a corporate presence, you can begin to visit and build those longer lasting relationships.

We also understand that many retailers have co-location needs. We’ve added a co-location brand search for retailers as well. We have taken data from the hundreds of thousands of shopping centers we’ve indexed and return results for any retailer found residing near the brand you search.

And when it comes to identifying site selectors for brands or shopping centers, we’ve made our people search more useful as well. You can search by a company or by a title. This allows you to narrow down your outreach from your first search.

Export Feature

Finally, we’re extremely excited to also announce the ability to export retailer data from the Retailsphere platform. We heard feedback from users and potential customers alike. Now exporting is as simple as selecting how much data you want to see. You’ll be given an excel spreadsheet with retailer data  or site selector contact information.

Overall, Retailsphere basic and advanced search has made great strides forward, adding functionality to help deliver on our promise - retail insights from every angle. Browse by retailer type, filter by standard lease features, and even drill down to site selectors quicker than ever before.

Are you looking for an easier way to prospect for and secure new retail tenants? Sign up today for a no-obligation demo and see how simple your retailer search can be. 

About Retailsphere

Retailsphere provides more comprehensive retailer data and retail related news than any other platform available in the industry. Retailsphere’s retailer profiles give shopping center owners, leasing executives, and commercial real estate brokers the data they need to analyze the market and make strategic business decisions when approaching potential tenants. Founded in 2018, Retailsphere has more accurate data in dozens of metro areas across the United States than any other database. Retail insights from every angle.  

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