RetailSphere CRM Usage skyrockets

December 27, 2023

New features released to improve efficiency for CRM users driving large amounts of deal flow

HOLLADAY, Utah —RetailSphere, the largest data provider to the retail commercial real estate industry, and the only CRE specific sales enablement and customer relationship management solution, announced today, the largest usage of their Pipeline CRM on the platform to date in the month of December.

RetailSphere’s™ Pipeline CRM functionality is included for free with all platform subscriptions.

The heavy CRM usage comes on the heels of RetailSphere’s™ engineering and product teams streamlining functionality on reporting, filtering abilities, and introducing a bulk function to add selected entities to the pipeline/accounts from a collection or search result.

In addition, for entity profiles, the header now shows quick info about the account, including status, deals count, tasks count, emails count, recent notes and more.

“Our clients have been asking for these advanced CRM features and man did our product and engineering team deliver,” said Ken Brown, vice president of sales.

“This is simply incredible and an absolute game changer.”

For the sophisticated user who wants to track activities throughout a day, week or month, the note taking feature has been updated to automatically add text to the text field when user selects "Log a call" and any outcome can be selected.

“We strived to continually iterate on the CRM and our product as a whole so that it reflects the high-performance engine our clients want and deserve,” said Tim Benzinger, vice president of product.

The RetailSphere platform includes the world’s largest database of decision makers related to retail commercial real estate, but also includes marketing automation and relationship management tools, not to mention the abundance of data and retail expansion details.

About Retailsphere

Founded in 2019, RetailSphere™ is an all-in-one platform that includes the world’s largest contact database of retail commercial real estate decision makers, a robust email and leasing enablement marketing platform and a simple, intuitive and included Pipeline CRM™ tool. RetailSphere™ is modernizing the way the retail industry connects within a single pane of glass.

Increase your deal flow. Improve your network. Empower your career.

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