Top 5 Emerging Donut Retailers in San Francisco

June 25, 2024

RetailSphere has over 1,200 donut retailers in the database

Each month RetailSphere gathers the best retailers from various categories and here are the top Five Emerging Donut Retailers in San Francisco:

  1. Johnny Doughnuts - Our doughnuts are made with real, organic, locally-sourced ingredients creating a doughnut experience unlike anything you've had before. We make everything from the doughs, glazes, custards and jams, all from scratch and from the heart.
  2. Donut Time - the name (Donut Time) says it all its a donut shop LOL well Donut Time's donuts are (FRESH DAILY) for more info call us (805) 349-860. We have four Bay Area locations.
  3. Mochill Mochidonut - We are Mochill, Japanese-style mochi donut store based in San Francisco, CA. Mochi donuts are chewy treats made from rice flour and has more texture and lighter than traditional American donuts. Mochil has three locations in the bay area as well.
  4. Bob’s Donut and Pastry Shop - Bob’s Donuts and Pastries is a family owned and operated business established in the 1960s. We are currently located in Lower Nob Hill of San Francisco at 1621 Polk Street. Bob’s has become a San Francisco staple to Bay Area residents as well as an essential tourist destination. We specialize in a variety of donuts and pastries including our famous apple fritter and novelty giant donut, mentioned by many accredited food critics in articles such as the SF Chronicle, SF Eater, Thrillist, SF Magazine, The Bold Italic, Timeout, SF Weekly and the DailyMail UK.
  5. Hookt Doughnuts Café - A crafted blend of mochigome (glutinous sweet rice) and American-style doughnut ingredients. The mixture creates a delightful doughnut, light and fluffy with a somewhat chewy texture.


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